Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Giveaway, Day Seventeen

Photos courtesy Erik Thorson copyright 2012

As we watch the seasons transform from glory to glory,  I'm praising God today for painting our world with color. He fills our eyes with a breathtaking palette that both enriches us and hints at His limitless creativity. Thank God He dresses His earth with an array of plants, animals, and people. A world without color would be a soulless place to inhabit. So God, in His wisdom, gives us a bejeweled stage upon which to play out His grand redemption.

But the many-colored coat with which He paints the universe does more than exist to amuse us and please the Master.

How gray our world would be without color!
It serves as a powerful teacher.

Though your sins are as scarlet, 
They will be white as snow;
Though they are red like crimson,
They will be like wool.
Isaiah 1:18

We would never understand the color of sin without the scarlet flower or the guilty stain of shed blood. We could not discern the depth of the cleansing without a pure, sweet snowfall. We identify with the new life displayed in the green that carpets the earth after a long winter. We behold the beauty of light in its brokenness when we gaze upon a rainbow.

From pacific blue seas to autumn's last golden blaze of glory, God's nature patiently pours into us the lessons of life. May we be faithful and grateful students.

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