Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Book Giveaway, Day Eighteen

Photo courtesy Erik Thorson and the Leland Pioneer Community Church copyright 2012

The building is old, a challenge to keep up for the current pastors. It is one of the last remnants of a community that once thrived in the pastoral hills of Leland, Idaho. It now stands among a few rural homes and defies the encroaching fields that crown the creek bed.

But its very presence speaks of a vibrant faith that grew and spread throughout the area a century ago.The aging building still resonates with the hymns of saints past. The stained glass windows are glorious, streaming in the holy light of a rock-solid faith.

One cannot enter the sanctuary without passing under a medallion proclaiming "ALL FOR CHRIST." That declaration is the principle by which Pastors James and Juanita Soyk live each day and serve the surrounding community. I know this, because Jim is my dad, and Juanita is my step-mom.

The building had been closed for some time when they discovered it. With much hard work they have restored it into a functioning church again. The congregation is small but loyal. My folks invest all their resources into building relationships and faithfully preaching God's Word. They have suffered significant health challenges in recent years, yet they continue to serve.

Theirs is not a ministry that receives much acclaim or notice. They struggle on quietly and selflessly year after year, trusting in a faithful God to receive their sacrifice of praise. Their reward is a coming one.

What an example for us! Today I am thankful for their faithfulness in giving and their loyalty to those they love. I thank God at my every remembrance of them. I praise Him for the wonderful example they have given me as I enter each season of my life. What an inheritance I have received!

Thanks, Dad and Juanita, for your faithfulness. May God bless and heal and reward you.

I love you.

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Jennifer Hamley said...

Beautiful! A wonderful testimonial to their incredible faithfulness and generosity. Thanks for posting it!

Jim Soyk said...

Thanks Pam. So beautifully said. This made me cry. I just pray that someday I can be the man of God that my father is. Thank you so much for sharing this Pam.