Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The family

And it only took me forty years to get there. I began taking the prerequisites for the nursing program in 1971 and didn't complete the program until 2011. At least you can say I finish what I start... eventually.

The day was made extra special by the presence of all our children, their spouses, the grandchildren, my niece and her husband, my mother-in-law, and my almost-sister Sherry. My son-in-law Scott couldn't help but add a little drama to the occasion by wiping out on the four-wheeler with our granddaughter hours before the pinning. What began as an innocent ride on our property ended with a tumble into the barbed wire.

Scott, himself bleeding from a nasty cut, carried our granddaughter up to the house, where I had chance to practice my newly learned skills. As we worked on Va, the other granddaughter watched anxiously over my shoulder. Suddenly she mumbled something about not wanting to see any more. She backed up to the kitchen counter and passed out cold in the most graceful display of slow-motion collapse that I have ever seen. She hit her head on the way down, and the rest of the family came running to care for her. I couldn't leave the one to care for the other.

She quickly came to, was escorted to the living room to recover, and we got Va patched up.
My son-in-law had to be taken to minor care for a tetanus shot and stitches. I had to go to school to get ready for graduation. My daughter went home, cleaned up after the carnage, and took clothes to Scott in minor care. He changed in the restroom there for the ceremony and everybody came limping in just in time.
I have to say that it made for an absolutely unforgettable day!


With all my heart I thank my amazing family for their support, sacrifices, and prayers during my year in school. I now have my certificate in practical nursing and can return to caring for Kevin (my most favorite job).

Me with my stepmom and dad
I'm especially excited to be back to writing. This last year has left me more convinced than ever that we serve a God who performs miracles. Pretty much raising-the-dead kind of miracles. Every day, out loud, parting-the-waters kinds of miracles. Help for the helpless.

Deliverance for the desperate.

Can't wait to share with you.