Monday, October 3, 2011

Loyalty Lives


Is my youngest son's thirtieth birthday. We were actually able to surprise him with a small party over the weekend. I worked really hard to keep him from discovering our plans, but I don't think I needed to worry. Between his part-time job, his care-giving, and his work as co-partner and effects modeler at Dragonfly Core, he was too exhausted to notice. The party went off without a hitch, he was adequately and genuinely surprised, and we had a chance to let him know just important he is.

Really important.
And amazing.
Did I mention hilarious?

Daniel always brings the party. Daniel's the smile-and-light-up-the-whole-room kind of person, the one with a good story and an infectious laugh.

He's also one of the truest examples of loyalty I know. At the age of fifteen, his older brother was nearly fatally injured in a fall. In the fourteen years since, Dan has never left Kevin's side. Neither has he left our side, sacrificing his own dreams to help us accomplish ours. His strength, his sensitivity to the needs of others both humbles me and fills me with pride.

It reminds me of a passage in Isaiah, in which God proclaims His loyalty to His people. Isaiah 46 draws a stark contrast between the idols of the people and the true God. Idols, we are reminded, are created by us. They cannot even move unless we carry them. So we pack them around on our shoulders, set them up where we want them, fall down to worship the creation of our own hands... only to act surprised when they leave us unsatisfied and empty.

God is the complete contradiction to this. He creates us and carries us from the womb. He never leaves our side...even in times of great brokenness. Because He is loyal to us, He promises to carry us on His shoulders from conception through old age (Isaiah 46:3-4). His deliverance is complete; His salvation powerful and perfect.

We are made in God's image; His attributes are displayed through us, as they are through all creation (Genesis 1:27; Romans 1:20). Those who have been born into salvation through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus become sons of Father God, partakers of His divine nature. As such we display those character traits that remind others of our Father.

In my son Daniel, I see the fierce and tender loyalty of God. I am encouraged to know that Daniel serves a faithful Father and Deliverer who promises to carry his burdens as he has faithfully carried the burdens of his family. I am comforted to know that Dan does not serve the things he has made, but the One who created him, bears him through every day, and who will never leave him forsaken.

Thank God that loyalty still lives. Thank God that He rewards those who live for Him.

Happy Birthday, Dan.