Saturday, June 30, 2012

About Song in the Night

I've been meeting a lot of new people online lately. It's been fun to talk to people from around the world and discover just how many inspiring stories are out there. God's on the move in a big way.

If you're new to Song in the Night, here's a bit of our story:

I'm a wife, mom, and grandma who has been kicked out of the nest of my comfort zone in several ways over the years. As a young mother of five, I was called by God in 1982 to begin homeschooling our school-aged children.

It was a crazy, fringy sort of thing to do in those days. I didn't know ANYBODY else who homeschooled back then. That was probably because it was illegal in Idaho at the time, so anyone nutty enough to do it kept a low profile. But it was the hard work of homeschoolers in Idaho and across the country who finally earned the attention of lawmakers and earned its legitimacy.

I finally graduated the last child in 2006. But years earlier, in 1997, a new challenge had been presented to us. Our middle son, Kevin, suffered a devastating spinal cord injury while on a youth ministry trip to Canada. He was declared "another Christopher Reeve," and the presiding doctor urged us to pull the plug. Kevin, however, had no plans to die, and we were not inclined to make him. God miraculously provided a way for us to fly Kevin back to the U.S. in a chartered Lear jet, accompanied by medical personnel.

But his challenges were far from over. He nearly died twice after arriving in the U.S. A long recovery process was accompanied by an intense training program for us to become his caregivers. In the meantime, God began a new and unexpected healing in Kevin that resulted in his regaining more neurological function than was ever expected. He is still disabled, but he has weaned off the vent except to sleep and can move every part of his body to some extent. He can even walk with help.

He has been home with us since rehab. His extensive health needs have compelled me to become first a CNA, and most recently, a licensed practical nurse. We now run a certified family home licensed by the state to care for him.

So for a while, I was a homeschooler AND a full-time caregiver. Talk about crazy.

In 2008, we released the story of Kevin's injury in Canada and God's work in our lives through his brokenness. Song in the Night is available in hardcover from or

Today, I continue to write, Kevin and his brother Daniel have the computer graphics and animation studio, and Kevin has built a popular site for Christian music at . 
Our eldest daughter is a second-generation homeschooler to our two granddaughters.

As a family, we strive to serve God and allow Him to display His awesome power through our weakness.

As you navigate through 'Til Dawn Comes, you will find that we are all about LIFE. Whether it is the encouragement of those raising children, caring for aged and disabled loved ones, or advocacy for those who are pre-born or living with disabilities, we celebrate the amazing gift of a beating heart with which to honor our Creator.

I also regularly post reviews of books and movies connected with disabilities, suffering, parenting, and homeschooling. Check out the labels for posts on subjects you are most interested in.

I'm glad to get to know you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


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