Friday, January 25, 2013

It's All Good - the Whole Bible, That Is

The Bible is God's story.

A Guest Post by Susanne Maynes

Ever had one of those mornings when you woke up just not quite ready to face life? That was me recently. It had been a hectic week with too quick of a pace and too many challenges, and I was on the verge of a melt-down - maybe not Three Mile Island, but still.

So I grabbed my trusty Bible, hoping for some inspiring words and a tasty personal tidbit to get me through the day. Perhaps a lovely promise, or comforting verse to soothe and uplift me.

I got wrath and woes.

I started in Psalms, often a great place to find solace, and landed on Psalm 78. That particular one happens to be a litany of God's complaints against His wayward children (in this case, Ephraim, a tribe of Israel). It's clear that He's mad. He's really mad.

Yikes, I thought, let's try the New Testament. You know, the covenant that is full of grace and mercy. I flipped to Matthew, which I had been reading, and landed in the middle of Jesus' "woes" to the Pharisees. And Jesus is mad. Really mad.

So I didn't end up with the kind of verses you would inscribe in calligraphy on a nice plaque to look at on a rainy day. But that morning's foray into the Word of God was just as valuable.

The Bible is God's story. It tells me about what He is like, including what causes His anger, grief, compassion, or joy. It shows me how to respond to Him. It's not meant to be just a nice little collections of pithy sayings and fluffy sentiments.

I am very thankful for the days when I do receive a wonderful nugget that fits my personal situation. But I am equally thankful for days like today, because I know a little bit more about God's heart and what He really cares about.

His story reveals His character. All of it is worth reading regularly.

Do you find yourself hunting for tasty nuggets in the Scriptures while avoiding certain books or chapters? What unique benefits might you gain from a difficult passage?

About the Author: Susanne Maynes

Susanne's poetry has found its way into several publications, including the literary journal  Talking River. For two years, she wrote a weekly column for the Bonners Ferry Herald, and in 2004, she won an Award of Outstanding Merit from the Amy Foundation for one of the columns. Susanne is thankful for her meaningful job at Life Choices Clinic, a pregnancy resource center. She also enjoys her family, nature, and writing words that heal.

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Pamela Thorson said...

Thanks, Susanne, for the thought-provoking post. I know that I often like to pick and choose my favorite Bible Scriptures and neglect those that I don't particularly like. Loving God includes embracing the entirety of who He is. Great post!