Thursday, January 17, 2013

Be Still and Know

Photo courtesy Erik Thorson copyright 2013

Be still, and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10 NIV

Cease striving and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10 NASB

Someone remembered seeing the young woman walking on the roof of a two-story building in Portland, Oregon. But how she managed to fall into the small space between it and an adjoining cinder block wall was still a mystery as firefighters worked to release her. She was caught in about one foot of space, suspended about four feet above the ground. Completely trapped.

Rescuers first had to bring in a heater to keep her warm in the cold temperatures. They used an air bag to spread the wall a bit. They cut a window-sized hole in the wall close to her and applied a soapy substance to her to help her wiggle toward the hole.

Lt. Rich Chatman of the Portland fire department said as they worked, they tried to reassure her that they weren't going home without her.

When she finally emerged to freedom, she raised her face to the sky and shouted, "Oh, my God!"

Her predicament reminds me of some of the places I get myself into at times. I'm just walking along, engrossed in my life, not watching my steps, and suddenly I fall into a place between a wall and a hard place. Overcome with fear, I struggle with all my might to free myself. Like with this young woman, resistance is futile, and my frantic efforts to escape just wear me out. 

What's left to do? I have to call for help. 

Thankfully, someone heard this woman's cries and called in emergency crews. If no one had heard her, she would eventually have succumbed to the frigid winter cold. 

When I'm caught in a jam, I have to remember to quit striving. Be still. Call for help. Remember He is God. The God who made everything, who is all-powerful, and who promised never to leave or forsake me. 

He's the God who is always listening, who hears my cries of despair and sends help on the way. Sometimes the rescue takes a while if I've really gotten myself stuck. Sometimes God has to employ several techniques to help me toward freedom. But like this young lady, I can relax once I know my rescuer has arrived. He will stay by my side and comfort me as He works on my behalf. I trust Him to take good care of me. In the many years I known Him, He's never let me down.

And when I once again step into that place of freedom, I raise my face toward heaven and shout this heartfelt prayer of thanks:

Oh, my God! You are amazing. You will be exalted among the nations. You will be exalted in the earth.

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