Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Giveaway, Last Day

A friend loves at all times,
And a brother is born for adversity.
Proverbs 17:17

Football season is in full swing. Since our house is dominated by testosterone (more guys than girls), sports is usually on every t.v. set around here until after Super Bowl. One of our favorite teams is the Green Bay Packers. It's always especially fun to watch a home game and know that my brother is down on the field running one of the cameras. Lately he's been out of the game with a shoulder injury, and it's not quite the same knowing he's not there.

His day job is with the Experimental Aircraft Association in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, as an aviation videographer. I've always admired his artistic eye and fearlessness in climbing into planes for those great aviation shots. He's worked with some famous people but has managed to keep his laid-back Idaho attitude.

Since neither of us call very often, our visits are rare treats. But I always know I can call him and he will be there for me. When we do talk, it's often for at least an hour. We pick up where we left off last as if it were yesterday, even if it's been a year.

Sure, we fought when we were little like all kids do. He never played Barbies when he promised, even after I played G.I. Joes first. I always fell for that one. Yes, he pushed me blindfolded down the stairs once. But then, I pushed him out a window. So I guess we're even.

Today, on this last day of November, I'm thankful for my brother. He's humble, gentle, and funny. He's analytical and loves to talk into the middle of the night about science, God, and the deep mysteries of the universe. He and I share a love of music. In him I see Mom's vulnerability and Dad's love of people.

He knows my faults. I know his. We don't get mad with each other much anymore, but even if we did, he'd still be my brother. That cherished tie grows more precious as life turns through its hard seasons and insecurity abounds. Our shared heritage and memories are a solid foundation for weathering uncertain times.

Brothers and sisters are a gift. That makes the arrows they sling at each other more painful and the support system they provide more critical. This is all the more true in the body of Christ. Let's remember our blood ties and the wonderful heavenly Father to whom we belong. Let's cherish our siblings and look past our quirks.

We need each other.

Thanks, Jim, for being there.

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Song in the Night is the true account of our son's devastating spinal cord injury in 1997, the fight to keep the doctor from pulling the plug, and God's subsequent miraculous work in our lives. You will be encouraged and inspired by our story.

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Jennifer Hamley said...

Love it! A great piece on Uncle Jim...he will feel honored.

Pam Thorson said...

Thanks, Sis!

Jim Soyk said...

Thank you Pam for such sweet words. I cannot express how much I love and appreciate you as my sister. You are such an encouragement to me. What an amazing blessing and gift you are from God.

Pam Thorson said...

Thanks, Jim. I love and appreciate you so much, too. I thank God for giving you to me. Have a wonderful week!