Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I know it's been looking quiet around here at 'Til Dawn Comes in June. But our lives have been a whirlwind. Just before a planned family visit, Kevin came down with an infection and had to go through the usual round of testing and antibiotics. Thank God, it was not a particularly nasty illness this time, and he quickly recovered - just in time for the family fun.

We spent a hectic but joyous week celebrating the birthdays of our two wonderful granddaughters.
The guys went on a fishing expedition to a local lake, the girls went shopping (what else?), and we managed to work in  miniature golf, a movie, and game night.

As most caregivers will tell you, the day-to-day duties required to assist a loved one with life's challenges leave little time for festivities of any kind. We work hard every day. So do our grown children and growing grandchildren. The added miles between us make our rare reunions that much sweeter.

So we had a blast. We crammed as much fun as possible into the visit and managed to do everything on our dream list. We created lots and lots of memories to get us through the long days until we are together again.                                                                                

I'm exhausted.
And refreshed.

This week I'm back in the saddle here and at CMADDICT.COM. I have lots on my heart and lots to share with you as we navigate the treacherous rapids of this life together.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for the weekly devotional on Slightly Obsessed.

Photos courtesy Grace Thorson, Jennifer Thorson, and Racheal McCormack

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