Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Down to the Foundation

Photo courtesy Erik Thorson
For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid,
which is Jesus Christ.
2 Corinthians 3:11 

First it was Kevin. When he injured his arm a couple of weeks ago, he couldn't walk to his wheelchair using the two-person assist we usually use. We had to revert back to the "fireman's transfer" we learned in physical therapy, using three people. Our youngest son Daniel, the one with the strongest back, did the lion's share of the transfer.

A week into that system, the strain on Daniel's back made an old work injury flare up with vengeance. We ditched that technique and went to  the "standing pivot," using a gait belt. Since Kevin's been healing nicely, that works better for now. Except it still takes three people, given the level of Kevin's spinal cord injury. So Kevin's brother Erik helps when he can, and Grace has been helping a lot.

Until today, when Grace awakened with a fierce sore throat. Erik is working.

And then there were two. It will be Aaron and I taking care of things today. Now my back is groaning.

Thank God Kevin is improving and taking on more of the transfer himself again. But this brought back into sharp focus the realization of the fragile dwellings we inhabit. We are, quite literally, souls living in clay houses. Each day we're given is a momentary gift, with no guarantee of a tomorrow. Not in this life.
Things have been easier for us in recent years. We have developed a good system for running a certified family home and caring for our son. We've even been able to develop a few other interests. It doesn't take much, however, to level us back to our foundations. Over the years we've learned some basic survival techniques for the bad days, something I suppose most people with chronic illnesses or injuries instinctively develop. We revert to these emotional and practical cornerstones when hardship hits:

*Cut out anything not necessary for the day. Conserve energy whenever possible.
*Tag team the duties. We try to make sure somebody gets rest at some point.
*Keep other projects caught up so we have a little wiggle room when caregiving gets intensive.
*Get prayer support from family and friends.
*Stay on the foundation.  

For us, that foundation is Christ. He is our Rock, the only solid place to stand when everything is falling down around us . When our houses get shaken, He is always there to rescue us and help us rebuild.  I thank God for the firm footing under us during times like this. He will see us through to better days again. 

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