Thursday, December 13, 2012

Have No Fear

Photo courtesy Erik Thorson copyright 2012

Tuesday I was invited to share from an author's perspective on my book Song in the Night with the members of a local book club. The members read the book during the month of November and brought their questions and comments to me in an informal get-together at the Juliaetta library.

I was delighted to share with them and touched by their insightful questions and comments. As some of them their shared their own stories, I was humbled by their quiet strength and deep faith. As always, I felt I received more than I gave.

This is why I love writing.

Many thanks to the Juliaetta book club and library for their warm hospitality!

The last few weeks have reminded that we live in intense times. This has reached me deeply on a personal level as I have watched the suffering of those I love.

As we celebrate the coming of the Deliverer, join me at CMADDICT.COM for this Wednesday's devotional Slightly Obsessed: Have No Fear.

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Anonymous said...

Pamela, thank you so much for sharing your world with me. You are truly an inspiration! I am at work on a book called "Dancing With the King," in which I share how God delivered me from the bondage of mental illness. I hope to following your example on how to use my writing to help others!