Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Giveaway, Day Twelve

Erik with his grandpa on his first birthday, November of 1976

For this boy I prayed, and the LORD has given my my petition which I asked of Him.
So I have dedicated him to the LORD; 
as long as he lives he is dedicated to the LORD.
1 Samuel 1:27
His is a quiet strength. There is a depth about him, a resiliency that takes the twists and turns of life in stride. He's an amazing photographer, and the pages of this blog usually feature one of his beautiful photos. He's generous, kind, and funny. He's the one that shows up at the door for a Mexican dinner sporting a sombrero and a black mustache snipped from his dog's fur. He loves laughter and trivia and winning at board games.

When his younger brother Kevin broke his neck, he stood by Kevin's side and fought hard for his life. Then he celebrated Kev's return home with a gag gift certificate from Dr. Kevorkian "Good for One Visit." Together, he and Kevin and their younger brother Daniel taught me how humor conquers fear.

Even better, they taught me the power of loyalty.

You probably guessed it; he's my eldest son, Erik. Today is his birthday, and once again I'm thankful that God gave him to us. Erik and his wife Rachel are shining examples of God's love.

Thirty-eight years ago, when I read the words of Hannah and prayed to have my own son, I never dreamed God would gift us with such an amazing young man of God. Every day of his thirty-seven years, he has brought us joy as we watch him grow in the grace and strength of the Lord.
Photo courtesy Dan Thorson 2012
 Happy Birthday, Erik. Thanks for all you are.



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Song in the Night is the true account of our son's devastating spinal cord injury in 1997, the fight to keep the doctor from pulling the plug, and God's subsequent miraculous work in our lives. You will be encouraged and inspired by our story.

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Jennifer Hamley said...

Great job! A very accurate description of my "little" brother! He is the stable, quiet one who you can always go to for reassurance. Love ya, bro! Your big sis!