Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Slightly Obsessed: Week Seven

Photo courtesy Erik Thorson copyright 2012
 It's hard to believe we've been at CMADDICT.COM now for nearly two months. I'm privileged to be able to share with you every Wednesday.

As new opportunities have been opening up for me to write and speak with others, I've been feeling a deeper responsibility to speak the Word of truth accurately. I want to represent my King as He really is, in the majesty and grace of His glory. He deserves nothing less.

A pastor once gave a group of church leaders the admonition often used in generations past for children:

Don't speak until you're spoken to.

Thankfully, this pastor wasn't giving guidelines on how to address him. He was encouraging people to listen to God and only speak those things directed by the Holy Spirit. 

As ambassadors of Christ, we walk a fine line between faith and presumption in representing His kingdom. As beloved children of an all-wise Heavenly Father, it's crucial listen for God to speak before we open our mouths. We hold the power of life and death in the words we speak.

What's God been saying to you lately? I'd love to hear what He's saying to His children.

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Slightly Obsessed: Word of God, Speak


TC Avey said...

Awesome! Your post goes so great with mine today! God spoke into my storm and I listened!
Sadly I don't always listen. It's liberating when God's children listen.

Pam Thorson said...

Oh, wow, I'm so glad you shared this. This subject has been much on my heart. It's awesome to hear it confirmed through someone else.

I especially love your statement about how liberating it is for God's children to listen. It is so freeing to know that God is leading, and that we don't have to make it alone. That's why we're called followers!

None of us listen all the time, but it's so great when we do.

Anonymous said...